mkfilm crafting ethereal music video to challenge conventions

Wehikułl Czasu (Time Machine) (2020) is an instalment in a series of short films, I eventually intend to fuse into a feature film. The project focuses on myself and the relationship with my own memories, particularly from a perspective of those being distant, nearly forgotten moments. The previous chapter focused much more on the experience that ‘was’, consisting largely of home movies, almost establishing its own grammar. Wehikuł Czasu comes in as a response to its predecessor and interests itself mostly in responding and exchanging dialogue between what was, and what is. However, the film doesn’t try to stand on either coast exclaiming to be from one or the other. Instead, the Wehikul Czasu takes on the pursuit of fluidity between associating itself with a period of time. Though the film tries to be of both eras, it notices its paradoxical element of trying to be from then but being formulated in the now. It is a process of unpacking and understanding (mostly myself ), which will constantly revolve in a never-ending cycle