mkfilm crafting ethereal music video to challenge conventions

using footage collected over twenty years, dziwny, jest ten świat blends content and form, in order to create meaning and emotion from independent, unrelated moments in time. the film focuses on the beauty of memory whilst reminding the reader of the transient nature of life brought on by the passage of time.

dziwny, jest ten świat uses home videos from my childhood, as well as elements captured throughout his fledging career. the blend of unassociated flashes of time renders a unique reaction from each audience member. during production, a choice was made not to subtitle the film - even though a large proportion is in a language foreign to most of its viewers. the lack of comprehension from the reader, allows for the projection of personal memories associated with home, family and the passage of time. 

'dziwny, jest ten świat' is the first instalment in an ongoing anthology exploring the idea of identity and belonging. The second chapter, 'Wehikuł Czasu' can be accessed here with the third film in the series, 'serving // time' currently being in production.