mkfilm crafting ethereal music video to challenge conventions


abstract film negative of young filmmaker Maciek Kaliski

Having always felt a need to tell stories, I began constructing narratives very early on. I took to creative endeavours and started writing around the age of ten, which coincided with receiving an old camera, very quickly leading to finding a passion in image making.

Starting my journey around the age of thirteen, I quickly poured my soul into pursing filmmaking, which has always felt like a calling to me. By the age of sixteen, I started editing professionally, and soon after, I was commissioned to edit a thirty-minute TV pilot for THATStudio. After that project, I explored working in corporate video and freelance camera operating, running a one-man-band production company, FullColorVideo. In 2017, I went on to study for a BA degree in Film, at the School of Film and Television (Falmouth University).

In the last ten years, I have had the pleasure of working on projects across the film and TV spectrum, from narrative film to documentary, promo and corporate, event film, and music video. I have gained experience in many roles, including directing, cinematography, editing, and most recently, music composition and audio post-production. I believe constant learning and development are key to achieving one’s style and potential. Therefore, I always seek new challenges and opportunities to grow as a filmmaker.

Currently, my time is filled working on non-narrative experimental projects, focusing on form and style. I’m interested in experimenting with different techniques, formats, and mediums to best portray emotion and ideas on screen. I am employing these experimental techniques in my work in the music and event sectors, creating music videos and event after-movies, primarily focusing on electronic music. In my spare time, I am pouring a lot of time into music production and developing a poetic documentary, which I am hoping to start shooting towards the end of 2024.


If you would like to work with me or just chat about filmmaking, please feel free to reach out. I’m always happy to hear from you and to exchange ideas and feedback. You can reach me at or on Instagram.